Blog Post - Featured Paperlie Designs

Today we are delighted to feature a good friend who is so talented at designing the best stickers, so clever, whether its for a special occasion or if you are looking to buy for an MLM, visit Paperlie Designs for the unique designs:


Hey everyone! I'm Kalie and I started my business, Paperlie Designs a year ago. Although I was still going out to work during lockdown, I was needing something to occupy my days off! I've always been creative and I love designing things so I thought I would put my talents to good use and combine my love of stationery to form Paperlie Designs! What started off as just a one product business (the happy post envelope stickers!), quickly grew and changed into business and personalised stationery. I love seeing stationery sets come together using people's logos/patterns and can't wait to start making more!  

Visit Kalie over at: